“I hate my wedding photos!” It’s a statement I’ve heard on more than a few occasions now so I wanted to write a few words on the subject. Whether it’s because they chose an inexpensive wedding photographer, got a friend to shoot the wedding for free, or simply didn’t connect and feel comfortable with their professional photographer, it pains me to think that there are people out there who don’t truly love their wedding photos, because you should have nothing but a beautiful record of that special day to look back on.

Wentbridge House wedding

When people ask how much we charge to photograph a wedding, rather than just spouting off a price and a list of what you get for that, I also feel the need to try to explain that photography is not just another cost like the venue or flowers, it’s a real investment.

Let me explain…some time ago, I remember chatting with another wedding vendor who told me that she hadn’t really liked the photographer she’d ended up with for her own wedding and that she regretted that she didn’t have any beautiful photos of herself and her husband that she could look back on.

wedding photography in York

She went on to say that she and her fiancé hadn’t really spent a lot of time looking into photography and after booking their venue, flowers, and entertainment, there wasn’t much left in the pot for photography. For a couple who clearly seemed to be in love and cared about their wedding, this really surprised me. And oh how I wished we had known her when she was planning her wedding as I’m sure she and her husband would’ve been a great fit for us!

Skipbridge Farm wedding

She told me that she wished she could go back and choose a different photographer that was better suited to their vision as a couple. And as time goes on, I realise that this isn’t an uncommon story; it happens all the time.

So my point is, whether we’re the right photographers for you or not, I cannot stress this enough – please make photography a PRIORITY for your wedding.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel wedding

Even if it doesn’t seem that way now, in years to come there will be things that everyone will have forgotten, such as the quality of the champagne or food, the quantity of flowers you had, or what car transported you to the ceremony. However it will matter how well your photographs show the love and happiness you shared on that day with the people closest to you. Your wedding photographs are forever. They’re what you and your family (and any future generations) will have to look back on. This is what makes wedding photography the only true investment in your budget.

Wedding Affair at Bowcliffe Hall

If you’d like to learn more about how we can create beautiful images of your wedding day, visit our contact page, tell us a few details and we’ll get in touch to hear about what’s most important to you
about your wedding photography.

Rossington Hall wedding

We’re not saying we’re the best photographers for every couple but we’re passionate about creating images that will re-tell the story of your day for a very long time to come. We also want you to feel comfortable in front of the camera because we know that if you do, we’ll be creating images you’ll be thrilled to look back on for years to come.


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